Stop making spreadsheets, start making decisions

Get all your headcount and spend analytics in one place. All the way from plan to payroll.

Break free from manual reporting.

Trace delivers one connected view of your spending, from the annual plan to every last payment.

  • Budget owners see where they stand against their targets.
  • Procurement gets an early heads up on spending plans.
  • Recruiting knows what’s coming on the hiring front.
  • Finance gets an always-on forecast of committed spend.

Turn headcount and spend requests into your committed forecast.

Get a spend forecast that’s always up to date.

Budget import. Set targets by bringing in your budget data from any financial planning system.
Spending plans. Capture purchase and hire information through Trace workflows.
ERP and HRIS sync. Sync with your ERP and HR systems to connect Trace requests with actual transactions and hires.
Committed forecast. Compare budgets and actuals with the committed forecast Trace generates.
Headcount analytics

Get visibility into your most important investment.

Headcount snapshot

Know your totals at all times. Keep an eye on existing, upcoming, and total heads.

Headcount over time

Check for trends. See how your headcount changes over the course of months, quarters, or years.

Headcount budget vs. forecast

No surprises, please. Get a line of sight into forecasted payroll compared to budget, over time.

Headcount analysis

Ask me anything. See budget, actual, and forecasted headcount by manager, location, or any dimension.

Spend analytics

Understand spending from plan to pay.

Spend over time

Show how spend is trending in a bar chart you can customize with any filter.

Spend analysis

Instant gratification. Pull up the numbers on budget, actual, and forecasted spend and filter by any dimension.

Spend plan

A budget owner’s best friend. Keep track of the status and  financial impact of your purchases and projects.

G/L Drill-Down

Click three levels deep into any number on your Trace spend analysis report to drill down to the source transaction

Find out if Trace is right for you.