Build a scalable spend program with ease.

Deliver modern finance operations and automate accounting.

AP Automation

Stop the back and forth and process payables with confidence and speed.

Guided Buying

Help employees with a simple purchase process.

Automate Spend Programs

Build spend programs and automate operations and compliance.

Accrual Insights

Get information for accruals and improve accuracy and compliance.


Promote communication where work happens to improve alignment and eliminate roadblocks.

Delight your employees and take control.

Effective controls start with broad process and program adoption. Trace puts the employee first with a simple and fast experience built for today's business spend.

Generate spend analytics for FP&A and budget-owners.

Provide spend analysis and insights without lifting a finger. Trace use purchases and contract data to deliver financial reports, renewal reports, contract analysis, and more.

Spend Cube Reporting

See financial data by department, account, category, vendor, and more.

Advanced Search

Filter multiple search criteria and narrow in on exactly what you want to see.


In the app, in your email, or on your phone. Get alerts when critical activities happen.

Resources & Tools

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