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Mike Gonzalez
April 15, 2021

Connected Financial Planning System

Collaboratively forecast your financials by administering budgets and gathering input directly from key stakeholders using this interconnected Financial Planning System.
Steven Austgen
July 8, 2020

Fixed Asset Management & Depreciation Model

Get a grasp on your company's fixed assets by tracking owners, acquisition costs, vendors as well as forecasting depreciation and CapEx.
Steven Austgen
June 23, 2020

Revamp the Way You Track & Manage Software Subscriptions

Stop wasting money on unused subscriptions and auto-renewals. Take control of your company's growing list of subscriptions.
Steven Austgen
May 30, 2020

Software Spend Management Model

Keep track of your company's growing list of subscriptions to eliminate wasted capital, monitor renewals and forecast expenses.
Steven Austgen
March 30, 2020

Modernize the Way You Forecast Headcount & Payroll Expenses

Stop forecasting your payroll expense using shortcut methods. Utilize the readily available data to project a more accurate payroll expense schedule.
Steven Austgen
March 23, 2020

Headcount Planning & Payroll Forecasting Model

Accurately forecast your headcount and payroll expenses by diving into the details of Federal & State taxes, insurance, 401k contributions, employer matching and more.