Empower employees with a smarter purchase experience.

Guide employees to create purchases, add vendors and contracts within a single simple flow. From there you'll automatically coordinate business reviews for all key stakeholders spend programs.

Simplify the buying process.

One flow orchestrating all purchase activities. Set expectations, automate work, and watch your program adoption skyrocket.

Guided Buying

Our purchase flow eases people through the process and is flexible to collect information when it's available.

New Vendor Onboarding

Create new vendors on the fly and trigger any workflows to get them onboarded.

Enter into Contracts

Execute new contracts within policy and manage key terms to reduce risk.

Get Help and Recommendations

Provide help text for every field and help inform people to make the right selections.

Dynamic Fields

Collect more information based on responses to required fields.

Empower employees to do the right thing.

Our platform is built for decentralized buying across the business. With unlimited users anyone can make a fast purchase within compliance. Help people help you generate savings and reduce risk.

Full visibility for everyone involved. No surprises.

Give managers full visibility into their team's spend and help stakeholder's in Finance, Legal, Security, and more efficiently complete their work.

Flexible Roles & Groups

Maintain your organization's management hierarchy and budget responsibilities.

Advanced Search

Filter multiple search criteria and narrow in on exactly what you want to see.


Get alerted when critical activities happen.

Sync with your ERP and point solutions.

ERP Integrations

Automatically sync data from your ERP to Trace. Send purchases, vendors, and contracts from Trace to your ERP.


Trace can integrate with point solutions to automate work for any purchase activity. Reach out for details.

Resources & Tools

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