Security & IT

Build integrated workflows for your vendor reviews.

Get timely vendor assessment requests and improve policy compliance.

Trace workflows connect the dots for all stakeholders in the purchase process. We ensure alignment, provide full visibility, and optimize the process for everyone involved.

Build custom workflows.

Define simple or complex conditions to trigger reviews and orchestrate with end-to-end purchase process.

Create custom fields.

Add custom fields to tailor your vendor assessments and information management.

Collaborate with buyers and stakeholders.

Chat where you work to ensure alignment and move with speed.

Provide help text for every field.

Inform employees with additional information about fields.

Analyze vendor data and documents.

Advanced search and reporting make finding key information a breeze.

Simplify for your requestors and streamline work.

Watch as you and your fellow purchase stakeholders improve the buying experience, drive down process times, and drive up compliance rates.

Get involved at the earliest stages to drive compliance.

Trace is the first platform to handle budget-to-pay and we’ll inform you of vendor due diligence requests at the earliest stage of purchase intent.

Work well with others and orchestrate work across teams.

Trace handles business reviews for all of your fellow stakeholders in FP&A, Procurement, Legal, Accounting, and more. Everyone’s work is orchestrated and productive.

Improve information quality and decision-making.

Ensure documents and information are accurate and up-to-date to deliver more impactful alerts and analysis.