Strategic finance

Impact financial decisions and improve execution.

Modern Financial Operations & Intelligence

Give your teams simple processes. Get intel and make an impact on your business partner's decisions. The difference is moving past financial plans to inspire financial discipline and influence decisions.

Real-time Budget Management

Cleaned spend data for cash and accrual reporting and analysis.

Modern Financial Operations

See how your spend is tracking against previous months and your financial plan.

Business Partner Collaboration

Track responsibility and stay alert to contract milestones.

Clean Data and Analytics

Get clean data for financial planning and analysis.

Delivering value from plan to execution.

Financial performance starts with the plan and is delivered with execution. Trace provides the workflows to empower your business and exceed your goals.

Generate high quality data and insights.

Focus on analysis and decision-support without cleaning data or manual spreadsheets.

Track key fields for all purchase categories.

Collect the right information for your purchases to improve analysis and forecast accuracy.

Manage key contract terms.

Understand your commitments and actively manage your vendor agreements.

See activity for every vendor.

View a complete history everything that's happening in your key areas of spending.

Analyze accurate data.

View spend analytics and track performance against plan.

Resources & Tools

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