Why Trace

Be a better business partner with Trace, the service desk for finance.

Trace bridges the gap between your FP&A and accounting solutions, gives you a one-stop shop for business partner collaboration, and results in a committed forecast of spending and headcount.

Headcount management

Get easy visibility into your most important investment.

Spend management

Orchestrate procurement with easy purchase requests and approvals.

Empowered budget owners

Give partners self-service access to financial insights.

Night vision for finance

Get committed spend out of darkness.

At many companies, working with finance is frustrating.

The finance tech stack is missing a critical link: business partner collaboration. It’s why purchasing processes are inconsistent. Headcount management is confusing. Budget owners are in the dark. And worst of all, finance doesn’t have the visibility needed to do its most important job: ensuring the financial health of the business.

Finance works better with Trace, because Trace works better for teams

Improve business partner collaboration with team-friendly headcount management, spend management, and insights in one platform.

Decision-makers get streamlined support from finance:

Self-service access to top-down spend and headcount targets, collaborative request workflows, and fast, intuitive analytics.

Finance gets an always-on committed forecast:

Instant access to current spend and headcount plans, automatically matched back to accounting actuals through integrations.

That’s the power of financial collaboration.
That’s the power of Trace.

See how finance works better with Trace.

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