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Our mission.

Trace is the place where every business can be a financially healthy business.

Every day, business teams make headcount and purchasing decisions that impact business financials. These decisions are supported by back-office teams like Finance, Talent, Procurement, Legal, and HR, but they all have their own processes and tools. There’s no unifying thread.

The majority of back-office work is related to managing headcount and purchasing. It’s the biggest opportunity to improve G&A productivity, but we believe the real impact is the hidden "back-office drag" on every other team.

We believe there should be one system for people to manage the lifecycle of their headcount and purchasing decisions. Back-office teams connect their processes and systems to create a unified business partner experience. Workflows are automated, everyone’s aligned, and information flows freely. This is Business Partner Collaboration.

At Trace, we're on a mission to be the place where great business decisions are made.


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Life At Trace

Our team.

We aspire to work with good people above all else. People who are kind. People who enjoy laughing and having fun. People who are passionate about what they do and never let their teammates down. Our team is relentlessly curious, we work hard, and we love technology, business, and design.
We have teammates in California, New York, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, Florida, Texas and Hawaii. All of our work is online and our operations are optimized for remote collaboration. We get together multiple times per year and always have a great time!


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