Trace Headcount

Manage your workforce with software, not spreadsheets.

Save hundreds of hours for finance, talent, HR, and management. And bring operating excellence to how you manage your most important investment.

The future of workforce planning is lean, collaborative, and agile.


No source-of-truth with headcount spreadsheets everywhere
Redundant data entry and manual reconciliations
Finance, Talent, and HR operate in silos
Workforce and budget reporting is manual and time-consuming


Plans, approvals, and analytics, all in one platform
Unified workforce planning and a single source of truth
Automated data flows with integrations to HCM, ATS, and Financial Planning
Provide self-serve analytics and improve performance to plan
The most innovative workforces trust Trace
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No team left behind.

Headcount management is a team effort — from the moment a role is planned, through hiring, updates, termination and backfills. Trace is the hub that gets everyone aligned and working towards the same goal.
Get annual planning, re-orgs, and forecasting done in less time, with more collaboration and control. Share analytics, without the pain of spreadsheet reconciliations.
Talent Ops
Get visibility into hiring plans and ensure positions are approved for recruiting. Automatically turn positions into reqs and eliminate manual hiring trackers.
Be involved in every aspect of org design. Get visibility into financial constraints and use positions to manage internal mobility and succession planning. Improve partnerships with  all stakeholders.
Get self-serve access to your budget and hiring plans. View future org charts and get analytics for your team. Focus on strategy and execution without getting bogged down with tedious workforce planning tasks. 


Build headcount plans in one place.

Give hiring managers self-service access to planning tools in Trace. Free finance and people teams from doing low-value busywork like collecting DIY spreadsheets. And have the time to start providing truly valuable business partnership.
Distribute budget targets
Capture hiring plans
Share approval status
Align on decisions
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Manage ongoing changes to plans.

Requests & Approvals
Capture requests and trigger approvals with a simple form for new hires, comp increases, department transfers, and other events.
Backfills and Other Changes
Track backfills, transfers, swaps and other changes. See a record of all change events associated with any employee.
Compensation Guidance
Hiring costs go way beyond salaries. Trace helps hiring managers plan for the full budget impact of their decisions.
Ask and answer questions on the spot. Clear up any confusion and keep hiring on track.
Review Policies
Setup multi-step workflows. Require approval or simply notify the recipient.
Complex Conditions
Trigger reviews or field requirement based on complex conditional logic.

Dashboard & Analytics

Deliver insights on demand.

Budget Impact Analysis
See available budget and the potential impact of your plans on funds remaining.
Hiring Tracker
Keep tabs on the status of your open headcount as it progresses through recruiting stages.
Budget vs Forecast Analysis
See where there’s variance and drill down to understand why.
Attrition Analysis
Predict attrition so you can mitigate its impact on your targets.
Budget Dashboard
Get a complete picture of your headcount expenses.
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Consolidate and reconcile your data.

Trace marries data from your request workflows with data from your HR and applicant tracking systems. And gives you a master view of positions open and positions filled. All reconciled back to the positions you planned.

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Enterprise Grade Capabilities

Keep sensitive information secure and private.

Audit Exceptions
If there are inconsistencies or issues in your headcount plan, Trace will flag them for you and tell you how to fix them.
Custom Fields
Add your own custom fields to Trace to make sure you collect the right information for your company.
Advanced Roles & Permissions
Restrict access with customizable roles and conditional permissions.
Premium Onboarding
Complex integrations or workflows? Our implementation specialists go deep to make sure your project is successful.
Change Management Services
Leverage our expert team to learn how to set up world class operations and get your teams trained and onboarded.


Leading customers who have achieved success.


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