Be a better business partner with the first service desk for finance and procurement.

Collaborate on purchasing and hiring. See your committed forecast.  All in one place, all on one team.
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Get purchasing and hiring out of the Wild West.

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Capture information earlier

Let employees start their spend and vendor requests with whatever information they have. Smart workflows make it easy in Trace.

Loop in your business partners

Collaborate with legal, security and other stakeholders to review purchases for budget and compliance. Trace gets all the right boxes ticked.


Stop making spreadsheets. Start making decisions.

Upgrade your forecast

Trace automatically creates accurate forecasts, using data captured from your purchase and hire workflows. So you can instantly see how today’s decisions impact tomorrow’s plans.

Unleash the insights

View what’s been approved, budgeted, and spent. Drill down to the invoice level. Roll up to a presentation-ready view. It’s all in Trace.


All things finance, all in one place.

Trace provides a single place for collaboration, automation, and insights. The magic is in the integrations. The result is one-stop service for your business partners, and streamlined operations for you.

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"Trace shared our vision for a spend management platform built to handle the complexities of a modern-day technology business – subscriptions, services, goods, etc. Trace enables collaboration across our business lines and encourages robust information sharing across our organization. We couldn't be happier with our experience thus far with the Trace Team and the solution itself."

Lauren Carroll, Controller at Graham Allen Partners.

Why Trace

When teams work better with finance,
finance works better for teams.

Improve collaboration between you and the budget owners, hiring managers, and employees you serve. It’s good for the financial health of your business.
Orchestrated purchasing and hiring

No more managing requests by email, Slack, or Jira.

Empowered budget owners

Say goodbye to blind over or under spending.

Night vision for finance

Get committed spend out of darkness.

Get started in weeks, not months.

Ready to get started? Built for fast adoption and scale, Trace is easy to set up and enterprise-ready. We can help you choose a plan, connect your core systems, and get going in a matter of weeks. Schedule a demo or contact our sales team as your first step.

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