Trace Spend

The multi-tasking procurement app for multi-tasking teams.

Roll budget management, procurement workflows, and spend analytics into one solution. Streamline spending for budget owners and the teams that support them.

Simplify spending from plan to PO.


Chaotic and unstructured processes
Fragmented view of spending
Static, stale plans


Connected, consistent workflows
Integrated view of spending
Fresh forecasts, on demand
The most innovative workforces trust Trace
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Purchase Requests

Take in purchase requests, the smart way

No more taking requests by email, Slack or Jira. Make your purchase process easy with smart workflows.
Take in all requests in one place, with one workflow.
Ask just a few questions at a time, like a conversation.
Allow vendors and contracts to be added now or later.
Build and update bottom-up purchase plans as you go.
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Ensure fast, compliant approval chains.

Purchase approvals can involve procurement, IT, legal, finance, and more. Loop everyone in with dynamic workflows.
Sequential or Parallel Approvals
Choose to have approvals occur in sequence or in parallel.
Connect to favorite tools like Jira, Vendr, and Ironclad.
Purchase Orders
Automatically create and send the PO.
Review Policies
Create multi-step protocols for getting review cycles in motion for each type of purchase.
Complex Conditions
Trigger required form fields and review rules based on even the most complex conditions.


Connect with the solutions your team love.

Trace marries spend requests with your favorite tools for planning, sourcing, legal and IT reviews, and bills and payments. Giving you one straight view from plan-to-pay.

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Keep track of vendors, contracts and renewals.

Duplicate or missing vendor records? Accidental software renewals? Get your house in order with organized purchase operations.
Keep vendor records clean and in-sync
Give contracts a home for everyone to find them
Get alerts when software is up for renewal
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Get project plans out into the open.

Plan spend for whole projects, like marketing events, and keep procurement and finance in the loop from the beginning.
Set aside lump sums for projects and programs
Apply purchases to projects as they come in
Get budget approved early, before knowing the details

Dashboard & Analytics

Connect planned spend with budget and actuals.

It takes a lot of work to understand what happened between the budget and the accounting report. Let alone share that info with business partners. Not anymore.
General Ledger Drill-Down
Click three levels deep into any number on your Trace spend analysis report to drill down to the source transaction.
Budget vs Forecast Analysis
Pull up the numbers on budget, actual, and forecasted spend and filter by any dimension.
Budget Dashboard
Get a complete picture of spending over time.

Enterprise Grade Capabilities

Keep sensitive information secure and private.

Custom Fields
Add your own custom fields to Trace to make sure you collect the right information for your company.
Advanced Roles & Permissions
Restrict access with customizable roles and conditional permissions.
Premium Onboarding
Complex integrations or workflows? Our implementation specialists go deep to make sure your project is successful.
Change Management Services
Leverage our expert team to learn how to set up world class operations and get your teams trained and onboarded.


Get started now with instant workforce planning and analytics.