Trace Headcount

Get visibility into your most important investment.

Trace makes headcount management easy for finance and people teams.

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Meet Trace Headcount

The one-stop shop for all your headcount plans, requests, and insights. Reconciled and in one place. For all teams.

Meet Trace Headcount

Headcount is mission-critical to growth.

But disconnected tools for managing headcount could be masking hiring problems, delaying decisions, and putting growth at risk. With a single source of headcount truth, you can:

• Share insights easier
• Make decisions faster
• Keep hiring plans on target

Manage headcount plans and changes.

With beautiful, easy-to-use workflows, Trace makes it easy for hiring managers to make headcount requests and track approval status. So finance can get changes under control.

• Capture and approve unplanned requests
• Track backfills, transfers and other changes
• See an audit trail of all changes

Consolidate and reconcile your data.

Trace marries data from your request workflows with data from your HR and applicant tracking systems. And gives you a master view of positions open and positions filled. All reconciled back to the positions you planned.

• Integrate your systems
• Automatically reconcile data sources
• Get alerts when there are conflicts

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Visualize your future workforce

See your organization as a list, timeline, or an org chart view. Spot anomalies, prep for meetings, and get to “a-ha” faster. Get the org chart view you want without spending hours manually creating it in slides.

Deliver insights anytime, for anyone.

Stop relying on static plans. Trace brings you a continuous source of real-time insight into what’s changed since the annual plan, what are the current hiring needs, and how that adds up to your current committed headcount.

Headcount analysis
Budget vs. actuals
Budget impact
Fully loaded with Payroll and related expenses
Insights and alerts
Finance help not required

Headcount management is a team effort.

No matter your role in headcount management, Trace can help you get it done.

“Seriously awesome.”

Headcount may be 70% of your costs. Don’t let it take 70% of your time to manage. Make it easier with all your headcount plans, requests, and insights in one place, for all teams.

“Exactly what I’ve been looking for and seriously awesome. I’m blown away.”
- Daniel Kang, FP&A manager, Vectra AI , ex-Workday, ex- LinkedIn

“Truly addresses the pain point in our process today.”
- Joon Suh, Strategic Finance, Ada

“A very huge step up from what we’ve had in the past.”
- Deepak Bhandarkar, Head of Finance, Picnic Health, ex-SoFi, ex-Uber

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