Centralize hiring plans and manage requests.

Get hiring plan visibility and alignment for all your key stakeholders. Automate reconciliations and data between core systems.

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Hire the right people at the right time.

Give your teams a single place to request new hires, backfills, contractors, and interns. Trace's guided headcount request process collects key information and automatically orchestrates reviews to bring the right people in the loop.

Simplify and save time for your hiring managers.

Capture critical information and track changes.

Streamline workflows and collaborate with context.

Built for the modern enterprise.

Deliver a delightful headcount request experience with high-quality, business-friendly software. It’s quick to get started and enterprise-ready for custom workflows, integrations, and use cases.

  • Collaboration

  • HRIS Integrations

  • Advanced Roles & Permissions

  • SOC2 Certified


Align all stakeholders with centralized hiring plans.

Plan with context by bringing together historical data and new hiring requests for a complete view without any manual work. Measure the impact of your decisions with real-time visibility into headcount and payroll costs.

Dynamic hiring workflows for all role types.

Collect key information in a flexible and iterative request process.

Make it easy for your hiring managers and stakeholders.

Simplify and deliver more efficient processes.

Empower people to work faster and together.

Give your team a centralized place to collaborate on hiring plans.

Generate operational and financial insights.

Drive efficiency, hiring discipline, and compliance.

Reconcile and automate work across core systems.

Track the full lifecycle of a hiring request. Trace eliminates the tedious work of reconciling systems and spreadsheets.

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