Welcome to the future of headcount management.

Headcount may be 70% of your costs. Don’t let it take 70% of your time to manage. It’s time to demand a single source of truth for all your committed headcount, all in one place, for all teams.

Discover the one-stop shop for headcount decision-makers.

Ditch the messy spreadsheet. With Trace, you can get a master view of your headcount forecast, including positions open and positions filled. All reconciled back to the positions you planned. And wrapped in a solution that’s robust for finance, visual for hiring managers, and attached at the hip with HR.

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“Seriously awesome.”

Trace rolls headcount approvals, analytics and integrations into one super-tool to rule them all. With all the planning, HR, and recruitment tools out there, not one is able to deliver a single source of headcount truth, from plan-to-payroll. Until now.


“Exactly what I’ve been looking for and seriously awesome. I’m blown away.”

- Daniel Kang, FP&A manager, Vectra AI , ex-Workday, ex- LinkedIn


“A very huge step up from what we’ve had in the past.”

- Deepak Bhandarkar, Head of Finance, Picnic Health, ex-SoFi, ex-Uber


“Truly addresses the pain point in our process today.”

- Joon Suh, Strategic Finance, Ada

Early access opens Fall 2021.

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