Trace Public Comparables

Trace provides a clean and simple dashboard for analyzing public comparables based on revenue stages, Years from IPO, and Years from Founding. Powerful filtering allows you to slice and dice to look at exactly what you’d need to benchmark a financial plan for a fast-growing startup or growth stage business.

Bessemer Cloud Index - Bessemer Venture Partners

An incredible tool for those with special interest in the emerging cloud index, Bessemer Venture Partners provides a free platform to analyze the historical performance of all companies included in NASDAQ’s emerging cloud index. The best part? This platform allows users to download all data to excel for personalization and manipulation. The data itself is updated every few days and provides various metrics such as trading multiples, revenue growth, gross margins, etc.

Meritech Public Comparables

Meritech very elegantly provides KPIs (key performance indicators) and valuation metrics for 50+ public SaaS and cloud companies, as well as 60+ public companies across consumer internet, fintech and healthtech. This analysis includes historical share price performance and valuation multiples, an interactive regression chart, and efficiency and operating metrics.

Private SaaS Company Survey - KBCM

The 9th annual private company SaaS survey is provided by KBCM Technology Group’s investment banking group in partnership with Matrix Partners. The summer survey typically includes 300-400 companies ranging from seed startups to $100M+ ARR companies across the globe. It comes just in time for annual planning in Q3-Q4 and is a great set of data points to use in target settings.

Expansion SaaS Benchmarks - Openview

Similar to the KBCM report, Openview conducts a summer survey in partnership with a number of growth-stage venture capital firms. A free (yet lite) bonus can be found at the bottom of the report where companies can benchmark themselves using a few financial and SaaS metrics. 

SaaS AE Metrics and Compensation - The Bridge Group

With any successful SaaS company comes a skilled group of Account Executives. This 7th Annual SaaS AE Metrics & Compensation report by The Bridge Group brings together all crucial metrics to measure-up your Account Executive team to competitors. From dials and quality conversations per day per AE,  booked demos per week per AE, or technology spend per AE per month, this report breaks down the granular performance metrics to rank yourselves to industry performance levels. Lastly, this report illustrates the breakdown of fixed and variable compensation, as well as the effect marketing initiatives have on a AE’s pipeline. 

Sales Development Metrics and Compensation - The Bridge Group

Although similar to the SaaS AE report by The Bridge Group, this SaaS SDR report illuminates the granular performance metrics that drive growth to the high-performing participants within the study. This report will help a company determine the ideal SDR to AE ratio, experience typically required for a new hire, SDR time-to-ramp, compensation, quota-attainment and much more.

BenchmarkEngine - OPEXEngine

Although it requires a paid plan, OpExEngine provides an industry benchmarking platform that allows companies to compare themselves to competitors and market leaders, calculate performance variances and identify areas of improvement. Along with a paid subscription comes access to case studies that illuminate the effects of benchmarking and utilizing the metrics as a guide to long-range-planning. 


PublicComps serves as a great starter for those new to benchmarking. The platform offers a free plan that includes basic business, valuation and benchmarking metrics - with the option to upgrade plans in return for more granular and valuable data visualization. The platform provides an easy way to visualize how a group of select companies rank relative to each other on a number of metrics - business performance, valuation multiples, etc.

CRO Benchmarks- The Bridge Group

This 2019 benchmark report breaks down CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) cash and non-cash compensation among B2B technology companies, primarily in the SaaS space.