We are thrilled to welcome Vicky Ascencio to Trace’s leadership team. She’s joining as our Head of Customer Success. As a former customer of Vicky’s, I knew she was perfect for the role. From the earliest days of starting Trace, we’ve kept in touch about working together again. The time has finally come!

Ask me or any of Vicky’s customers or colleagues, and you’ll hear the same things. Vicky is wicked smart and incredibly thoughtful. She’s passionate about her customer’s success and disciplined with her approach to helping them reach their goals. For our market, in particular, her approach is well-received because she’s analytical and speaks the language of finance. You can’t fully appreciate it until you experience it. 

Vicky joins us from Anaplan, where she spent over seven years building multiple functions from the ground up, including Customer Success, Professional Services, and Product Operations. Many consider Vicky the foremost expert on what Anaplan can and can’t do, which speaks volumes to the opportunity Vicky sees in Trace’s solution. 

Vicky’s mission is to be a trusted advisor to our customers and support them on their path to better financial health. She’ll serve as the voice of our customers and instill a customer-first mindset in our leadership team and the broader organization. Vicky will also be responsible for scaling her organization with high standards for team performance and culture.

The biggest beneficiary of Vicky joining Trace is our customers. Here’s what they can expect from us: 

  • A driver of translating business objectives into real change and ROI
  • Fast time-to-value and sustainable success
  • Education on how to best administer and use Trace
  • Quick and accurate responses to inquiries
  • A vibrant community that provides a wealth of knowledge
  • A partnership with people who are passionate about your business and success

We’re fortunate to have Vicky join us – this is a big step towards our mission of building a place where people collaborate on the financial decisions that matter most.

Now, we do what we do best and get to building!