Get self-service access to insights.

See your headcount targets, make your requests, and stay on top of how you’re tracking against plan. Trace empowers budget owners to take charge of their headcount information, so they can take charge of their headcount decisions.

Trace for Budget Owners

See your annual budget targets and plans.

Keep an eye on your upper limit of headcount budget, plus your originally approved positions.

Submit headcount requests and changes.

Request one or more positions in less than a minute. Stay on top of the approval steps and status.

Collaborate with reviewers in one place.

Ask and answer questions about your headcount plans and requests on the spot.

See the budget impact of your plans.

How will new headcount impact my budget? Get the info you need in Trace.

How self-service access to headcount information helps budget owners make better decisions.

With a user-friendly source of headcount information, budget owners can:

• Change hiring plans quickly and with confidence
• Speed up stakeholder communications to speed up hiring
• Ensure reviews and approvals move along quickly
• Take accountability for keeping your hiring plans on target

See Trace Headcount in action.

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