Forecast while you sleep.

Annual plans get old fast and spreadsheets take forever to update. Trace takes real-time hire requests from its own platform and continually loops in changes from your HR system. The net result? A true view of your committed headcount, any day of the week.

Trace for Finance

Share headcount targets and plans.

Give headcount decision-makers  self-service access to their budget targets and planned positions.

Capture ongoing headcount requests and approvals.

Track planned and unplanned headcount requests and changes so you know how your target moves.

Consolidate and reconcile your data.

Get the latest information from your HR and Talent systems, married with requests made within Trace.

Produce an always-on forecast.

Achieve instant visibility into how plans have changed and what’s coming next.

How an always-on headcount forecast helps FP&A teams drive growth.

‍A lagging hiring plan can stall growth in almost every department: product, sales, customer success. With an always-on headcount forecast, finance can:

• See ahead if hiring targets are not going to be met
• Account for the financial impact of missed plans on product and sales assumptions
• Redeploy headcount funds into other investments while hiring catches up

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