Design your future workforce.

Get a 50,000-foot view of how your people strategy is performing against plan. See all the moving parts of your workforce. And align with finance in a collaborative platform with the latest, clearest data.

Trace for HR

Stay on top of hire requests and approvals.

Make the request process easy for hiring managers. Trigger review workflows. And keep track of backfills and transfers.

See all positions, all in one place.

Get a master view of requested, open, and active positions. Trace integrations give you a single source of headcount truth.

Produce org charts—and way more.

Visualize your workforce as a list, timeline, or org chart. Spot problems. Prep for meetings. And get to a-ha faster.

Get answers, without going to finance.

How do my headcount actuals compare to targets? How will new headcount  impact my budget? Get the info you need in Trace.

How workforce visibility helps HR teams strategize for the future.

Strategic HR leaders know that the org structures of the future are adaptable and agile. With a single source of headcount truth, HR can:

• Communicate easily with finance for annual planning
• Get out of the weeds and see the big picture
• Focus more on the future than reporting on the past
• Execute team changes quickly and consistently

See Trace Headcount in action.

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