Keep hiring plans on target.

Prepare your recruiting capacity way before the hiring reqs come in. See ahead into what roles the company is hiring for, and keep tabs on how you are tracking against the hiring plan.

Trace for Talent

Get hiring plans out of people’s heads.

Avoid last-minute hiring crises. Trace captures requests in one place, and loops Talent into the approval process, so you can see what’s coming.

See approved requests in your  ATS.

No more wondering, “Is this req approved by finance?” Trace integrates with your ATS, and only passes approved requisitions to your system.

Get a jump on backfills and transfers.

View teams as a list, timeline, or hierarchy. Spot gaps created by transfers or promotions. Anticipate backfills. Produce org charts on-demand.

Chase candidates, not finance.

Access headcount analytics and budget vs. actuals reports—without waiting for finance to help. View the hiring landscape 6-12 months ahead.

How on-target hiring plans help Talent teams gain a seat at the table.

Hiring impacts growth. Talent teams need to be able to accurately estimate their ability to hit their hiring plans. With a great track record, Talent can:

• Earn the trust of business leaders
• Take a proactive role in driving company growth
• Teach the business to loop in Talent earlier
• Make a case for additional recruiting capacity

See Trace Headcount in action.

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