Make your budgets collaborative and actionable.

Delight your budget-owners with a modern way to manage their finances and empower employees to buy directly from pre-approved budgets. Improve execution and streamline purchase operations.

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Decisions start at the budget. Your purchase workflows should too.

Retire the PO process and execute directly from your budget – bottom-up, top-down, or both. Trace connects the dots from Budget-to-Pay by orchestrating work for FP&A, Procurement, Security, Legal, and Accounting in one simple flow.

Sync your bottom-up budget lines to streamline the request process. Purchases created from budget-lines pre-populate information and are pre-approved. Reduce manual data inputs and automate reviews.

Import top-down budgets and give budget-owners a consistent view into their targets. Existing purchases provide a forecast for committed spending and new purchases can be validated against the budget target.

From static financial plans to powerful budget management.

Budget Sync

Import budgets and give your budget-owners real-time visibility. Streamline purchase workflows and automate budget reporting.


Distribute information to budget-owners and key stakeholders in the business.


Automatically generate budget dashboards and analytics. Everything in Trace is presentation-ready.

Budget Status

Select which plan is active and add your budget-owners to collaborate. Routine reporting is automated.


Compare financial plans and performance with over 250+ publicly-traded companies. See normalized data for key financial and operating metrics.

Power your financial plans with the most accurate data.

Get unmatched accuracy for your future spending by using your purchase and contract data. Improve model accuracy by syncing the most reliable source of cash and expense forecasts.

Purchase Forecast

The most intuitive experience for budget-owners at any level.

Empower budget-owners with a complete experience to manage their budgets and make purchases. We've made Corporate Finance simple and accessible so even the most novice budget-owner can make sense of their business.


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