Greenhouse and Trace go hand-in-hand to help companies be great at hiring. Make your dynamic headcount plans in Trace, then see them through to completion with Greenhouse.

Recruiting starts with planning

Headcount planning is an opportunity for talent leaders to step into a more strategic role, advising finance on the decisions that will shape your company’s ability to deliver on innovation and growth goals. With Trace, finance and talent leaders get a single view of planned, approved, and active headcount. So they can spend more time collaborating and less time going back and forth on spreadsheets. That collaboration is even more powerful when you link Trace with Greenhouse. 

Now talent teams can:

  • See future hiring plans in Trace. Provide input on prioritization and prepare recruiting capacity.
  • Get organized with Greenhouse jobs, which are like folders for individual openings.
  • Hit the ground running. Now when a job opening is ready for you, you’re ready for it.

Get the job opening approved before you start recruiting

 The last thing you need is approval hiccups down the road. Want to make sure every job opening in Greenhouse is a finance-approved opening? That’s what the Greenhouse-Trace integration is for.

  • Hiring managers use Trace to request new headcount. For each request, they select from a pre-filled list of Greenhouse jobs. 
  • Finance and other reviewers approve these headcount requests in Trace.
  • Trace tells Greenhouse when headcount is approved and which  job it belongs to.
  • Talent can now fill openings with confidence.

Stay on top of your hiring targets

When you do hire, Trace updates its own records, pulling hiring status and employee name straight from Greenhouse. But that’s not all. Trace shows finance and talent teams how many positions are still upcoming, and how you are progressing toward targets. Finance uses that information to mitigate risks and talent uses it to measure KPIs and foresee hiring demand. 

  • Get one source of truth for each seat in your workforce
  • Compares jobs filled against total targets–not just against jobs that have been officially opened
  • Continuously update your headcount forecast with clean, reconciled data from your approved requests, plus Greenhouse, plus your HRIS
  • See all your headcount analytics in Trace–including progress toward hiring goals

Normally, finance would have to manually match up their spreadsheets with talent’s spreadsheets for you to see how you are doing against your total hiring targets. It’s frustrating and time-consuming for both teams. Now you can have that time back and get more visibility into your most important investment: your people. That’s what we call a win-win.

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