Attract and retain the best talent, on time and on target

Great news: Trace and Lever are now integration partners. Lever allows leaders to grow their people pipeline, build relationships, and source the right people to hire. Trace helps companies set headcount targets, approve headcount requests, and get reliable headcount analytics. Together, Lever and Trace can help our mutual customers recruit the best talent–on time and on target. 

Finance and talent teams on the same page

Talent teams need to be able to estimate their ability to hit their hiring plans. With Trace, they can keep their targets in plain view and see upcoming hiring plans earlier. The Trace-to-Lever integration takes that visibility and convenience even further. 

Is this job requisition approved?

With Trace and Lever, you won’t have to ask this question. When a position is approved in Trace, Trace creates the job requisitions in Lever, automatically. You can just use Lever as you normally would–adding job postings to the Lever requisition and filling them. But now there's no more back-and-forth with finance to make sure that your jobs have been approved. Or having to manually enter job requisitions based on piecemeal input from finance.

Stay on top of your hiring targets

When you do hire, Trace automatically closes the loop, moving the status of the originally opened position from “open” to “active.” Now you have a single source of truth in Trace for how you are progressing toward hitting your hiring targets. You don’t have to create your own report in a spreadsheet every week. It’s right in your Trace dashboard as well as in a detailed headcount analysis report that you can filter in a multitude of ways. 

How it works:

  • Automatically create job requisitions in Lever based on approved positions in Trace.
  • Focus on your recruiting and hiring process in Lever.
  • See all your headcount analytics in Trace–including progress toward hiring goals.

Finance and talent, working together. That’s the power of Trace + Lever.

Learn more about how Trace helps Talent collaborate with finance and hit their hiring plans >