Scale your team efficiently, improve accuracy, and deliver deeper insights.

Empower budget-owners and buyers with simpler workflows and real-time financial intelligence.

Trace makes it easier for buyers by giving them a way to make purchases end-to-end. 
Budget-owners see how everything impacts their financial plans. FP&A automates reporting, speeds up analysis, and improves business partnerships.

An experience so well designed it handles enterprise-level complexity and fits on your phone.

Automate budget analysis.

See how purchases impact top-down budget targets.

Streamline purchasing directly from bottom-up budget lines.

See the cash and expense impact of every purchase.

10x better business partnerships.

Finance creates value when they save time for value-creating teams. To get there, Finance teams have to do better than siloed workflows, static financial plans, and archaic ERP systems.

Transition from routine to advanced analysis.

Eliminate ad-hoc analysis for budget reviews with a cash and expense forecast for every purchase. Automate budget analysis by flagging exceptions, new purchases, and trends.

Deliver a modern experience to your business partners.

Collaborate with business partners and buyers with a simple and powerful work platform. Built for Finance, improve how you socialize and present financial information.

Focus on impact when your routine work is on autopilot.

Empower budget-owners and their buyers to execute with precision and speed. Focus on measuring and prioritizing the ROI of decisions, then let Trace do the work to execute and manage decisions.

Building the first Budget-to-Pay Platform.

Static financial plans don’t get the job done. Integrating financial plans with purchase workflows improves execution, increases planning accuracy, and saves time for some of your most expensive people.

Sync your bottom-up budget lines to streamline the request process. Purchases created from budget-lines pre-populate information and are pre-approved. Reduce manual data inputs and automate reviews.

Import top-down budgets and give budget-owners a consistent view into their targets. Existing purchases provide a forecast for committed spending and new purchases can be validated against the budget target.

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We’ve built and managed FP&A systems at companies like Facebook, TIAA-CREF, GE, and Simon Property Group. We’ve spent 2-years building an open-source financial planning system using the  power of Sheets. We’re opening this up to the Finance community to show how we think about building the Future of Finance.

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